Wednesday, December 12, 2007


To answer the perennial Truth or Dare question: size matters tremendously if you're a double hand amputee. Otherwise, eh. All things being equal I'll take bigger over smaller, it feels a little nicer and it makes more positions work. But it's hardly a make or break. The vast majority of my sexy time is spent on things besides intercourse anyway. And a smaller cock sure will get further into me. (Well, proportionally further.)

Kevin's the only one I ever actually got a ruler out on, and good God we nearly needed a yardstick: eight and a half inches. I couldn't really take the whole thing, it would hit my cervix in any position, but as long as he could hold back that last half inch, Christ it felt so good.

Alan's not in that league but decently endowed; six and a half inches, seven? Big enough to have some nice heft to it, not quite porn-grade. He's on the extreme "shower" end of the grower-vs.-shower spectrum; it's that big when it's soft too. I always enjoy that when we're hanging around naked. Gives me something pleasant to look at.

Benny is below average. Maybe it looks like less because he's such a big guy, but I'd eyeball it at about five inches. He's the only guy I can truly deep throat right down to the balls (then again, he also pushes me harder...) and still thick enough to make me squirm when he fucks me. I'm not complaining, just... noticing.

The funny part is their self-perceptions. Alan is always a little self-deprecating about it, telling me he's not that big, you know, I shouldn't be saying "Give me that big cock" because it's nothing special, really. Benny is absolutely insistent that he is going to slam me with his enormous cock and that I will have to take the whole thing.

Somehow I manage.


  1. I've never really gotten the 'size' issue, but then, I've never really been with someone who had a genuinely porn-grade cock. Nor would I want to; I like to deep throat and that just looks painful.

    The only time I notice size really making a real difference in how much I enjoy the experience is, weirdly, giving hand-jobs. A bigger cock just has a better heft to it, you know?

  2. Aebhel - I know what you mean. Although it can be more work, so... eh. (I'm not a huge fan of giving handjobs, I always feel like the guy can do better himself--even though I love having guys finger me, so I'm just a hypocrite here I guess.)

    Size isn't really an issue, yeah; it's one of those things I notice but I wouldn't make or break a relationship (even a fuckbuddy relationship) on. Maybe a small guy with no imagination or skills to compensate, but I've yet to meet one of those. Man, you ever want award-winning oral sex, you go find a guy with about two and a half inches of cock...

  3. Average variations in size don't matter, eh? It's true. But I fucked a guy who was 215cm tall once and all in proportion and it was just ridiculous; that poor guy is NEVER going to have a quickie, and good luck to him in finding a girl who will attempt anal sex with his monster. I couldn't get my hand around it - my fingers weren't even close to touching around its massiveness! Yuck, I much prefer normal sized dicks.

  4. As a dude, I find all of this very interesting.

  5. Manda - Hot damn. I don't think it's usual for a guy to be in proportion to his wang though--I've seen big dudes with tiny ones and tiny dudes with huge ones. My best friend's husband is a fairly little dude, maybe 5'6", and she claims it's the size of her wrist.

    Bruno - I judge not lest I be judged. I observe the hell out of things, no stopping that, but unless it somehow qualifies as a bona fide deformity, whatever you've got is cool with me.

    hee, "bona fide." i'm in sixth grade again. hee.

  6. True, true. I think most guys are vaguely in proportion, though, don't you? For example, Japanese guys don't generally have smaller dicks than white guys; they're just slightly less large all over, so their dicks are generally a bit shorter by proportion, etc.

    I, too, have fucked little dudes with huge cocks, and large men with disappointing little prodders. You can never guess... however, men with skinny tapered fingertips are usually damned from the word g'day in my books.

  7. So here I am, 18 cm (which is 7") on a good day... and everyone things I have this huge cock (I used to think of myself as dead average). 6" circumference, I think that makes more of a diffence.

    It's getting to the point of being awkward, with all the comments. I do seem to be in demand at parties :-) but I don't really want to be in demand for the size of my dick.

    Ah well.

    Love your writing.