Thursday, June 5, 2008


Much as i hate to admit it, doing goofy-ass BDSM typing/talking protocol does kind of secretly turn me on.


  1. I must be too vanilla; I have no idea what you just said.

  2. Aww, this girl's such a cute pervert. ;)

  3. DG - In some online BDSM communities where people clearly have nothing better to do with themselves, they have rules like "submissives lower-case their names and 'i' and Dominants capitalize everything pertaining to Them." It's silly as hell, and yet...

    Drew - As are You, Sir.

  4. There's also the "submissives don't get personal pronouns" thing referenced above.

    It's silly but harmless fun unless you take it too seriously(like most things in life).

  5. I've never been very good at properly capitalizing snything while chatting online, I mean in the good english sense, so I'm crap at the BDSM rules bit... But I kinda know what you mean Holly..... I've just always had a soft spot for calling the dominants in my life Sir... Though I would NEVER call my current bf that... He just really doesn't suit it, even though he is a sadistic controlling bastard (in both good and bad ways).

  6. i'm hooked an' i can't stop starin'
    ooh Baby i wanna get wit' Ya
    an' take Your pictcha
    my homeboys tried to warn me
    but that butt You got makes me so horny

  7. Bruno - Y/you are made of A/awesome.