Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Curse you, Mara Jade!

It's sort of queasy to imagine Luke Skywalker having sex. Han Solo, certainly, the man must've gotten around. Lando Calrissian, even moreso. Leia... well, Leia had the bad fortune to look like Carrie Fisher which is no doubt prejudicing me here, but it doesn't disturb or surprise me to imagine Leia having sex.

Darth Vader (original trilogy Darth Vader, in costume) is sexy as hell.

But Luke Skywalker can't have sex because he seems like a symbolic child. Not just that he's boyish but that he's too closely entwined with my own childhood. I watched Star Wars for the first time when I was very young and I identified with Luke. Now when I rewatch it (which, despite how this entry sounds, isn't that often, I swear) I don't see a twentyish space adventurer--I see a five-year-old Holly.

Halfway related: I have a pair of stuffed animals, a horse and a cow, that I've had since birth. I've always slept with them in my bed; when I was little they kept away monsters. But I've developed a sort of superstition that Horsie and Cowie must never "see" me having sex or masturbating. They have to go under a pillow or into a drawer every time.

Nearly everyone involved with BDSM is a huge geek. The reasons why deserve their own entry. But in case you weren't aware: the correspondence between BDSM enthusiasts and sci-fi/fantasy/Ren Faire/anime/"graphic novel" enthusiasts is essentially one to one. The debauched, naked, bruised-ass underbelly really digs on Firefly.


  1. I have found it so challenging to *not* be a geek in these circles. I am a clear nerd but not a geek. Everyone asks me if I'm going to DragonCon... :(

  2. Right now I'm wishing I had a way to confirm that Little Darth was burned off. (It would probably have a black helmet and breathe audibly.)

    W/WTF is Mara Jade?

  3. Um.. I'm kinky but not really a geek.. I don't get a lot of references.. I don't read comic books, I don't play any sort of games, video, rpg, nada.

    I enjoy sci-fi, but I'm not obsessed.... but I do see that many many of the kinksters I've met are totaly geeks.. Usually computer geeks too... It's a rather interesting correspondense...

  4. It was the Princess Leia slave outfit in all its BDSM glory at such young impressionable age

  5. You wouldn't be familiar with Mara Jade unless you were a pretty hardcore Star Wars weirdo . . . she's not in any of the movies.

    She was an assassin who used the Force, kinda like a cross between a Jedi and a Sith, I think. She worked for the Emperor directly, but eventually, long after the fall of the Empire, Luke turned her and they fell deeply in wuv.

    I wouldn't bother reading any of the extra Star Wars stuff. Might as well just switch to Firefly like everybody else.