Friday, September 14, 2007

Hard Limit.

There are a lot of things I won't do, sexually. They fall into a few categories:

-Things I've never tried and know I never will--24/7 submission (does that freaking exist? I have such doubts), bestiality, erotic asphyxiation. The ludicrous, the stupid, the really exceptionally painful.

-Things I've never tried, and wouldn't do if you asked now, but know I will--anal sex, piercing, play parties, simu-rape. I'm working up to these. Unless I get hit by a bus in the next ten years I have little doubt that I'll experience each of them.

-Things I've tried and hate worse than everything and will never do again and will safeword and break your restraints and kill you if you try. There is one thing in this category. Tickling.

Don't ever tickle me.

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