Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I top sometimes too. But I'm, uh, not good yet.

There's nothing more demoralizing than finishing a scene, and your bottom says "Well, that was fun," and instantly slips their hands out of your carefully tied knots.



  1. I've beenm enjoying your livejournal for...well, ever. I remebember the ujournal days (...and that is probably where you get creeped out...) so I'm all about the pervocracy, I wish more people were honest about sex, if everyone talked more honestly about it, the awkward and awesome moments, I think everything would be a lot more interesting. And I totally sympathised with your two guys dilemma. And now have my own. And since this is a sex blog, I'll tell you about it. You may care or not give a fuck as you please.
    So, lo these many nine months ago, met this great couple online, had awesome super kinky sex with them several times, then started going out with someone else, and lost touch, as the new boy was pretty vanilla. Now, have just started to see another boy (who also seems pretty vanilla) when awesome kinky couple suddenly pop up again and want to see me. So of course, I am super tempted, even though it may be at the expense of the nice boy. So I will give us both the same advice...see kinky boy/couple, at least a few times more, because you never regret doing something as much as you regret not doing something. (and you should probably at some point mention something to the other boy or stop seeing the kinky guy.) In your case, I hope you can train the nice boy to get more kinky...that's definitely the best case scenario, outside of an open relationship. But either way, I understand where you're coming from.

    thea_na (on lj)

  2. Yay typos. Damn it.

  3. Thea, my advice to you is the same as the advice a friend just gave me: everything is okay if it's honest. Secretly fucking around is wrong, and open relationships are relatively easy if the girl initiates it and things haven't gotten too warmfuzzy yet.

    That last part is conjecture. I haven't actually TOLD the guys yet myself, I'm just, you know, warming up to the possibility. Maybe.

    I'm a whore. Please don't use ME for advice, for chrissakes!

  4. Ha, I think may be even worse...found myself thinking last night "I could talk to my therapist about this situation...wonder if that's appropriate....she's cute, maybe she's kinky...hmmm she said I have a nice smile...we could all have an orgy!" And then really trying to come up with a way to seduce her. Yeah, the open relationship option is great. Hope you get up the nerve to tell your guys soon.