Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm Holly. I'm 21 years old, female, pre-med, near Seattle, and working as a nursing assistant. This is my sex blog.

I'm really unqualified to have a sex blog. I am not:
a) An industry insider. The most I've ever been paid for sex was a half-empty bottle of Bacardi 151. Not that it wasn't damn good rum, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't put me in a position to be a "proud sacred harlot" or whatnot.
b) Wildly sexually experienced. I've been with about five guys and one girl, counting one-night stands. Actual relationships: two guys. Never been in an orgy or even a "party", never had or been an erotic slave, never even taken it up the ass, which I believe kindergarteners are doing these days. Their parents think it's "cute."

However, I am:
a) Honest and open to the point of compulsion.
b) Relentlessly, voraciously horny.

Honestly, the main reason I set up this blog is to keep the filth off my LiveJounal. I think it was starting to bother my friends.


  1. "I'm really unqualified to have a sex blog..."

    Oh but you're not, Holly, not at all at all unqualified. My big mantra is that sex bloggers are just like everyone else *except* that we're willing to talk about it.

    Industry "insiders?" Wildly experienced? Feh. The problem with them is that they can *do* a lot but they often don't know *how they know* what they know anymore. Consequently "My backup secondary Twerq used that live-python-for-a-butt-plug trick on me again" doesn't necessarily benefit the reader as much as, say, your post about trying to reconcile your two partners against what maybe you're *really* looking for.

    It's not that there's anything *wrong* with exotic experience, or experience period. It's about how *as bloggers* one has to communicate. Make sense?

    Anyway, I think you're exactly qualified.

    Finally, pre-med huh? Very cool. There are actually plenty of kinky medical types in the world, but not that many kinky medical-types who *blog anonymously.* Lots of interesting potential there.

    Always nice to run into another Northwesterner too. (Yes, a lot of good sex bloggers and other sex authors and activists live here.)

    Take care,


  2. Hah! I made it to the beginning!


    as if this matters to anyone but me. Well, fuck you, apathetic people, and fuck you future employers (if you found me commenting here you've probably formed an opinion already anyway). I spent about a week or two reading almost three years' worth of relentlessly interesting and/or hot blog entries ("Ribbed for /his or her/ pleasure"? Why the HELL have I never thought of that?), and this is my footprint on the summit of PervEverest.

  3. PervEverest, huh?

    Is there room for one more up here?

  4. Flag number three!

  5. And now my two week journey, backwards, through the Holly Pervocracy has come to an end. I'm sad. I'm thrusting my pole into the top of PervEverst, too. After reading all of this and devoting so much of my spare time, I feel close to you Holly. Which is really wierd considering that you do not even know I exist. Keep writing, I will now subscribe to your addictive blog - Take care <3 Some Chick out West.

  6. Flag! I skipped a few entries, but I read most of them and many comments as well. Thanks much, this blog is both interesting and insightful. I look forward to the ongoing saga ;)

  7. *jumps on bandwagon* flag #5!
    I really love your blog, I'm glad there are people like you willing to communicate to the world :)

  8. *posts flag*

    The culmination of almost 3 months of reading...and I loved it. :)

    Thank you for opening your life (and beautiful, fascinating mind) to us.

  9. Kewl. (Been devouring Captain Awkward and the friend who pointed me in that direction suggested 'you should also try this one (that you've seen mentioned at Captain Awkward Enterprises)')

    Of course, I'm a continuity wonk so I had to find the first post and start from _there_

    yay, learning :)

  10. Hi!

    I don't even remember how I found my way here (probably from a post that was linked to in a post on a blog I read occasionally or something), but I've enjoyed the weeks I spent digging through the archives a lot. I love both your writing and the things you have to tell - you've reawakened my interest in sexual stuff (I was toying with the label "asexual" when I first came here) and humanized BDSM to the point that I feel comfortable exploring stuff I've always wanted to try but was terribly embarrassed to.

    So, thanks!

  11. YAY I read the whole thing. Wonderful blog.

  12. Flag #10, I believe. Hello from across the pond. Like dmnsqrl, I found this via a link from Captain Awkward.

    It's taken me almost a month to finish this archive binge. I loved seeing it in reverse order; how the innocent but horny Holly gradually shades into the wiser, more mature, but no less horny Cliff. It's a fascinating study of human sexuality and emotional development which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I'm going to have to find something else to do with my train journeys now. Hmmm. Possibly finally finish reading Name of the Wind.

  13. Dare I leave what I believe to be flag #11? Yes, I think I will. I started reading this a little over 3 weeks ago, and it's been interesting getting this far back. Since other people have been posting it, I figure I may as well add that I got here through a quote on Tumblr. Anyway, I'm still not entirely sure about my interests, but I've learned a lot regardless. I'm glad I ended up clicking on the source of that quote. So...yeah, thanks! The blog is great.

  14. #11! Thanks for sharing.

  15. *plants flag #12 on PervEverest*

    I came here from the eternal labyrinth of TV Tropes (directly or indirectly, I can't remember) and fell in love with the "Boner Werewolf" entry. The rest of the blog gave me broader understanding on sexuality, kink, feminism, rape culture, polyamory, and everything in between (and out of the box, and tied up over there...)

    And to think, I almost missed the Cosmocking posts because I didn't know what the title meant!

    Please, don't stop writing. You are an awesome awesome person, and you should feel awesome. :D