Thursday, August 30, 2007


The first time I slept with Alan we couldn't have sex. I mean we just literally couldn't figure it out. Weirdest thing. He was hard, I was wet, he's not hilariously small and I'm not monstrously fat, but for some strange reason we just could not get Tab A to go in Slot B and stay there.

The next time was kind of a battle, there was a lot of falling out and a mid-sex re-condoming and in the end neither of us came, but at least it was basically sex.

The next time he came in the first 30 seconds.

The next time I came, but he couldn't get off and eventually we had to stop because we were both getting sore as hell.

The time after that was wild and frantic and sweaty and we both came deliciously hard and often. And every time after was just better.

And that, boys and girls, is the problem with one-night stands.


  1. My one-night stand sucked, too. I tried to see the woman again afterward partly as an attempt to get another chance.

  2. Hee! Same thing happened to me with my current guy - we waited two months to have sex (I usually fuck on the first date, but he's a nice boy) and when we finally got the STD tests back (mine of course) and we were cleared to take off, he had a hard time getting it in and lost his erection. We finally gave up and tried again later and it's been raging ever since. Yay for happy endings!