Monday, November 10, 2008

No sex. :(

The date was a resounding "eh." He's a good-looking and good-hearted guy, and he was nice to me and we had a nice time I guess, but there was just no connection. You know how sometimes you get wrapped up in conversation with someone and by the end of the night it's like you've known each other for years? It was exactly the opposite of that.

So I didn't fuck him. It would've been unbearably awkward, and anyway I wasn't getting too aroused by the job-interview-ish "so, uh, tell me some books you enjoy, and why" nature of the date. He wasn't exactly all over me either. Our chemistry was like mixing argon and neon: nothing bad happens, but...

Welp, now I've had a proper date, fuck that noise, tomorrow I'ma get laid.


  1. Was it still a good date I hope so

  2. Too bad. How did you know this guy, anyway? Did you meet him off the Internet, did your parents know him, or ...?

  3. Greenearth - He works in the same field as me and we'd run into each other a few times professionally. (And I guess we still will. Yay.)

  4. I guess you gotta go with your strengths.

    And remember, most of the guys in your field are weirdos.