Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rejected twice in one day.

Okay, so in a fit of pique over being stood up I did my usual rational-adult-response thing and got a "random slut wants your random ass" date off craigslist, met the guy and we hung out and talked for like two hours, and then he said "I don't think I can do this, I've been through some emotional shit recently" and walked me to my car. (I couldn't tell whether the "emotional shit" was legitimate, but feh, it wouldn't do me any good to know.)

I couldn't get laid in a men's prison with a fistful of pardons.



  1. Damn Holly you sound like my sex life at the moment I reckon I couldn't get laid at a nymphomaniacs convention .

  2. It gets better.

    Heck, I'd do you in a heartbeat.

    Just start fishing in different waters.

  3. Good practice. Someday you might get married to one of these guys, and after that, two no votes in a row will start to seem like the good 'ol days.

    I sleep next to a beautiful woman every night . . . wanna see who gets laid first? My money's on you.

  4. DG - I'm not so sure about that. I've been in relationships for more than a year that were still on "every time we see each other" frequency. I'm not for everyone, but when I am for them, I'm way for them.

  5. With all due respect, Holly, you've had so much fun, random sex in your life it's hard for me to feel sorry for you because you had one bad day. I do feel bad you don't have a boyfriend, though.

  6. Wait till the kids come along. You might even be the one saying no!

  7. I think this is telling. "Rejection" for you =" someone didn't want me" or "dry spell lasting a day or two." Meaning you had to ask 2, 3, or 4 guys via craigslist for one yes.

    Men who are already very charming and socially adept report a 1 in 50 success rate and consider it very good. Given that the mechanics of email or approaching in person make 10 a day by email possible, or 5 a day in person the most incredibly adept man is going 5 or so days between hook-ups. Douchenozzle extraordinaire Paul Janka reports that he talked to 15,000 women on the streets of NYC, got 3,000 phone numbers, and 173 "Girlfriend Experiences."

    So, I sympathize. But obviously my 500 outgoing emails on JDate, the 100 replies, and the 10 dates and 2 hookups speak a bit about the relative difference between male desire and female desire, or at least male screening and female screening. (And I think the numbers for Craigslist "Random Dude wants your Booty" would be much worse. Can we have Bruno post a CE M4W and then start responding to CE W4M as a control, and see what happens?)

  8. Euro - Why's Bruno gotta do it? You know how to type!

    And actually, it's been like six weeks now, not one day. I'm not having wild fuckfests every day that I don't post about rejection...

  9. Holly--

    Because I'm a bit older than you and Bruno. Bruno thus acts as a male counterpart for you, since he matches in age, location, socio-economic status, etc. He is an effective point of comparison, I am not.

    CL CE M4W in Los Angeles is a wasteland, and W4M not much better. You probably screen out more men as "douchebags" or "scary/dangerous" than for any other reason, and I think you are rejected by very, very few. Whereas some men are interested in a large number of women, very, very few of whom are interested in them.

  10. Euro - Huh? Bruno is ten years older than me, lives on the other side of the country, and isn't nearly as much of a starving post-teenager as I am. He's not my "male counterpart."

    And if it's just an experiment, you don't have to post in your home city's Craigslist, or post as yourself. So long as you keep individual responses private and don't lead anyone on, it's not that naughty to post a fake ad as an experiment.

  11. Okay, so Bruno's really about my age.
    CE W4M is profoundly depressing, here. I was thinking about Adult Friend Finder. It might beat the produce section.

    Best of luck ending your dry spell.