Friday, November 21, 2008

Sexuality sure is fluid...

It's truly amazing how many men there are on craigslist who are "straight, looking to suck & fuck with another straight guy." On the one hand, I sorta get what they're trying to say--straight in their daily life, stereotypically straight looking and acting--but on the other hand my mind always boggles a little.

It sort of makes me sad too. "I'm not some queer, I just fuck guys sometimes!" shouldn't be something you need to think about yourself. I applaud the idea that sucking cock shouldn't define your entire identity, but I hate that it's done by linguistic denial of the sexuality itself.

I might be measuring from a sample size of one here, but I really believe everyone is a little bit bi. And I believe that's great. I just wish dudes didn't have to be all weird about it.


  1. I am trying to sort out what this craiglist is about ?

  2. If I could have unlimited risk-free sex with whoever I wanted, I'm pretty sure that 98% of the time it would be with women. There is a distinct difference in how I feel about it--Gay sex isn't gross, but it is more of a kink for me, based almost entirely on physical sensations.

    I often think a particular woman is sexy, or fantasize about what sex with her would be like. I would enjoy cuddling or flirting with most reasonably attractive women, even if no sex was involved. None of that is true about guys. I wouldn't object to being classified as bi, but I think 98% is close enough to straight that it makes more sense.

    Then again, 98% is straight enough that I'm not posting on craigslist looking for other men, either.

  3. William the CoronerNovember 25, 2008 at 9:03 AM


    Dudes might be less weird about it if they didn't run the risk of being stomped or killed for expressing that sentiment.

    I dunno about how bi people are, to what degree, but I'm sure the whole of human experience fits on a bell curve.

  4. I was going to try to make a comment about this, but I think the Coroner said it best.

  5. Stomped, killed, or marked as exclusively gay due to one-drop rule for sexuality.