Friday, November 20, 2009

Geek boys.

Geek boys are easy pickings, they appreciate it more, and--not to come off completely evil here--afterwards, we'll actually have things to talk about! And we can watch Firefly.

Everyone's a geek these days, too. I remember being a geek when it was still underground. Back in the day it was actually unusual and unpopular to like computers and sci-fi, now everyone's online and every blockbuster has spaceships. And yet geek boys haven't changed much. I think they actually do get laid more, but they still focus on and appreciate sex in a way that mainstream boys often don't. Geeks don't take sex for granted. I love it.


  1. Ironically I was just thinking of trying to seduce my geeky guy friend into a Firefly marathon ...

    I'm not sure I agree wholeheartedly about the geek boys appreciating sex more. They know geeks are cute and desirable now and use it to their advantage. I think they have larger ego and take things for granted a lot more than geeks from 10 years ago. I miss geeks from 10 years ago.

  2. Mmm, geekboys with nice shoulders.

    (I am pretty much exclusively attracted to introverted megalomaniac geekboys with nice shoulders. This has made my romantic life full of ridiculous stories at times. The sort of capsule version of which came from a social I was at once:

    Me (after telling some story or other): ENGINEERS!
    Engineer: Hey! We're not all that bad!
    Me: Everyone I've been involved with since I was sixteen has been an engineer, an engineering student, or a student at MIT.
    Engineer: ... oh. Never mind then.)

  3. ... since then I've learned, by the way, that my brief boyfriend from when I was fifteen was Army Corps of Engineers ...

  4. I concur. Although the way I personally interpreted "appreciate sex more" was less "appreciate the fact of getting laid more" and more "appreciate the potential of sex more."

    I'm not sure if this is (part of) what you were getting at, Holly, but my personal experience goes something like this:

    Mainstream: Yay, naked woman; yay, getting to put my penis in a vagina. Mainstream guy tries hard to "last" to make sure you get yours.

    Geek: Okay, if I use *this* angle with you in *this* position, I get high-pitched, inarticulate encouragement, whereas if I move you into *this* position and change the angle *thus*, you start screaming (good scream)... hold on: if I add *this* sort of stimulation, there are spasms... hmmm... I wonder what happens if we combine protocols A & C ...

    Post-coitus mainstream: "Did you like that, is there anything I could do better?"

    Post-coitus geek: [lengthy discussion about what felt good and how/why and how this information can be utilized in the future]

    Yeah... definitely with you on the love of geekboys.