Saturday, November 14, 2009


I used to be a lot more... specific... in this blog, didn't I? Used to go through practically every time I had sex in detail. I don't do that as much anymore. There's a few reasons.

First, a lot of people I know read this blog these days. This creates potential awkwardness, from "you wrote about me?" to "you did him?" to "oh God, you were doing that just last night?" Not that I have any really terrible secrets--just a lot of small weirdnesses. This blog has, for good and ill, gone from being My Secret Garden to being practically my social hub, and that affects exactly how much I can talk about my orifices and where they've been.

Secondly, it feels like trodden ground. Every sex act is a unique and transcendent pearl of experience, but it can be hard to convey that in writing after a while. There's only so many ways I can say "yeah, I blew a dude and then he screwed me doggy, it was awesome" before I start repeating myself and sounding jaded.

Third, I don't think a simple accounting of events is valuable, either erotically or intellectually. And if I write about every time I have sex, I'm going to slip into just saying what went where, and lose sight of how it felt or what it meant. Generalizing my experiences sometimes helps me to focus what I want to say about them.

Fourth, shit, I can't be updating this thing twelve times a day.


  1. Fourth, shit, I can't be updating this thing twelve times a day.

    *lol* Good for you! :)

  2. There really is a time issue, but more than that, there's a maturity to it, too.

    Compare yesterday's Beatles post to one of the older ones that was more like a sex scene from a romance novel. Which is a better description of sex? Clearly the early one. Which is better written? Well, that depends on what you're looking for, doesn't it? I submit that the 60's Beatles post is excellently written and actually better than most of the old sex posts.

    Which doesn't mean you should stop writing about sex when the mood grabs you. But I have to admit I chuckled a little bit at your sheepishness. If you scroll down from the post about why you don't like to write about specific sex acts anymore, you'll find the post with the photo of you masturbating in an airplane bathroom and the post about jamming four fingers up your butt. I don't think you've lost your edge, kiddo.

  3. Don - Aww, thank you.

    I'm not worrying about losing my "edge," though, I'm aware I'm still quite orifice-intensive, I'm just noticing that my focus has changed and trying to account for that.

  4. The last line was the best!

    I've only recently started reading your every post and I really like your writing style. I, for one, will continue to read no matter what you decide to blog about.

  5. A Different AnonymousNovember 14, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    I have been noticing this for some time but haven't complained because I couldn't think of a nice way to do so. While anyone can write whatever they want, it's disappointing that a blog that calls itself "The Pervocracy" goes these days for long stretches without describing sexual and/or kinky acts (not necessarily your own) in any detail. At present I read your blog mainly out of inertia; if it were like it is now when I first stumbled on it, there's no way I would have given it a second glance.

  6. You are a harsh Anonymous.

    I'd excuse myself, but honestly all I can say is that I write as a hobby and readers are very much a side benefit, not my goal. I write what's on my mind at the moment, and sometimes that will be detailed porn and sometimes it won't. Of course I'm disappointed when people stop reading or stop enjoying it, but... this isn't a business, I don't need to market it.


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