Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have this thing about backrubs. It's not so much a fetish as an all-consuming lifetime obsession. Part of it is that I've spent the last five years in jobs that involve lifting, pushing, and dragging people who often weigh more than I do, so my back muscles are big and frequently sore. And part of it is some deep-rooted psychological association of backrubs with affection.

Rowdy gives a mean backrub.

If you're picturing some gentle circular stroking, that's not it at all. Picture this instead: him grinding his fists and elbows into my back hard, tenderizing my muscles into submission, making me groan loudly with pain and pleasure. My hands, sometimes, stroking or just holding his cock as he rubs my back, feeling how it makes him hard. And him whispering in my ear "this part is going to hurt--it has to hurt, and I know you can take it..."

And me just helpless beneath him.


  1. My eyes sort of opened wide with "Oh wow that's hot" when I read this.


  2. Alright, all that fisting and axe-handle stuff is one thing. But backrubs? Now you've gone too far!!!

  3. Ummm. I love a good back rub. Every once in a while, my man gives me the most amazing ones. Guess what I'm asking for tonight?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Yep, this is why oil is necessary for a really good backrub, you'll damage the skin otherwise.

    Have you tried quad massage? If you're lifting with your legs, it's wonderful. You should lay down, and he should oil his hands and the front of your thighs. Then he should press the heels of both hands into the quadriceps of one thigh, straight-armed and leaning a good bit of his weight in, starting just above your knee, and pressing and sliding up to the other end of the quad at the hip. Like trying to force the water out of a stiff hose. The quads are a big set of muscles and requires a lot of pressure. Lift the pressure to a light touch to move back down to the knee, move over a bit to another part of the thigh, and continue until the whole quads have been done; then, obviously, do the other leg.

    Then grab the leg from both sides to get the smaller muscles on the sides; these don't need nearly the pressure. Again, start from the knee and squeeze upwards, like you're trying to squeeze the fatigue toxins up out of the leg.

    If you're with a sex partner not a platonic friend, you might want to then move to the insides of both thighs. I cross my hands and open the thumbs so my right thumb is on her inside right quad (on my left), the web of my hand is on the gracilis, and index finger of is on her inside right hamstring muscle, and the same grabbing-the-inside-of-the-leg with the opposite hand on the other side; then with the hands leg-grabbing positions, stroke upward, pushing outward as much as possible without actually moving her legs out of position much.

  5. Mousie762 comment make Svutlana more than little bit excite...

    Believe or no, when Svutlana use for work at big drugged company, body be nuisance for me. Have so much work for do that wish me for be 100% mind that no have need for eat or drink or attend for basic body needs.

    It seem for me that many peoples live inside their head most of times and find it difficult at end of day for switch from mind for body, so body get ignore and libido gradual diminish. It seem for me that massage be perfect way for make smooth transition from mind for body that be natural lead-in for sex.

    Have me no ideas about you, but when somebody give me massage, Svutlana be extreme motivate for express bawdy gratitudes.

  6. Oh, I'm picturing it. Hot damn, am I picturing it ... Glad you're getting tenderized there, Holly. From what I've gathered by reading this blog, you not only need it, you deserve it!

  7. Mousie - I may have to show Rowdy your comment. Because, um, yes please.

  8. Somehow I've been hard wired into feeling sexual pleasure from any sort of massage and this doesn't help my situation one bit. Sincerely, thanks for the imagery- and you're lucky to have what you do- but what I wouldn't give for a purely platonic mind every so often.

  9. Sarah - Oh, I've disqualified myself from ever getting a professional deep tissue massage. Even if I could disconnect psychologically, I don't think I could turn off the sound effects. There's no tip high enough to make up for a full hour of "OHHHH UNNNFFFF ERRRGHHH OOOOOHHH."

    (And in that particular case overtipping might send the wrong message.)

  10. Holly, the sound effects might not be a big deal to a professional, they've probably heard them before. Or, maybe you could deliberately make a different sound, like imitate a cat purring. (I admit I do this to express enjoyment but not sound too pornographic).

    I hope you show the comment to Rowdy and have good results! People who use their legs a lot usually find it pretty awesome, it tends to be the part of a massage session where an otherwise silent person starts moaning.

    I think it could profitably be combined with a good wearable vibrator but the strap-on clit vibrator I got for my wife to wear during massage would never stay in place. :(

  11. Svutlana, I hope you've got someone who'll do this for you!

  12. Rawr.

    The theatre company I belonged to in high school did lots of massaging. Every night we'd warm up for the show we'd pair up and exchange massages. Inevitably someone would start moaning. Us being all horny theatre kids, we'd make something of a production of it. Fun stuff.

  13. I have that too, just without any cock-holding. I just want to be mush rubbed all over.

    Now I want a massage. Dammit.

  14. Damn I'm so jealous. It takes a little Thai woman, capable of bending iron rods in her bare hands, to bring the necessary force to bear on me. I'm such a damn horse. I've had to instruct my -platonic- roomies to try and raise bruises on the upper legs, just to ease the stiffness where I could walk. A Domme who isn't afraid to apply hard thud just below the ass, is a rare gift indeed.

    Anyone know where I can get a Clydesdale scale riding crop? I know, I'm buying a gift that I'll get the benefit of. I'm such a selfish slut!

  15. I wish I had somebody I could do this to. I didn't even realize I wished it until I read it here.