About The Pervocracy

The Pervocracy
The Pervocracy is a kinky, feminist sexblog. I write about my experiences as an active member of the BDSM community, a partner in a polyamorous relationship, and an all-around completely horny slut. I also write editorials from a sex-positive feminist perspective, advice on sexuality and kink, and humorous critiques of sexism online and in the media.

Cliff Pervocracy
I'm 27 years old and live in the Boston area. My gender is... complicated, but some variety of transmasculine and I prefer "he"-type pronouns. I work in a hospital emergency room and previously worked as an EMT; I've also worked at a staggering variety of strange temp/seasonal jobs. I have a degree in Film and Rhetoric and a second one in Nursing. I am horny all the goddamn time.

Recurring Characters
Rowdy: My current boyfriend. He's kinky, feminist, and terrifyingly intelligent. (Also cute and sweet and snuggly and wuggly and oh God stop me.) He's guest posted on the blog. And he has a cock like a goddamn Coke can.

Artemis: My boyfriend's current girlfriend.

Sprite: My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. We were co-girlfriends for over a year.

Tommy: My ex-long-distance-sorta-boyfriend, who I went on to live with for a while, which was in no way a good decision.

Alan: My boyfriend when I started writing the Pervocracy. He was a nice person, but completely un-kinky and not very open to kink, and eventually we broke up because of it.

Benny: My fuckbuddy and Dom from the beginning of the Pervocracy. The relationship with him started out personally lukewarm but sexually steamy, turned sour after I broke up with Alan and Benny became callous and disrespectful, and ended when he assaulted me.