Friday, July 25, 2008

Gettin' on a Schmooplane.

Welp. The flight is booked. August 9-12, I'm going to be in Boston and I'm gonna give Tommy a BIG HUG and then let him beat me and piss on me. And then, more hugging. (Maybe a quick shower in between.)

It feels weird, like a big step to be making this kind of trip just for a boy. But it also feels really really good.


  1. My toys are packed
    I'm ready to screw
    I'm getting wet, thinking of Drew
    He's gonna piss on me and beat me raw
    It's nearly time
    For me to go
    The tickets cost
    More than a gigolo
    Already I'm so horny
    I could die

    So post here and :) for me
    Say you're jealous of me
    Give me inspiration for this trip
    I'm leaving on a schmooplane
    Gonna give Drew some of my ass again
    Shit -- please don't tell my mom