Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I missed a spot.

In writing the last Cosmocking, I skimmed the magazine too quickly and missed one of the best features:

An article on how to analyze your man's personality from his pubic hair style.


  1. That is AWESOME. I feel like I ought to set up a booth: "Step right up and drop your trousers, we'll tell you all about yourself!"

    The possibilities are endless.

  2. LMAO! This is just totally awesome! Great comment aebhel!!

    Where the hell do these Cosmo writers come up with this stuff??? I mean really....

  3. Wow. Phrenology for the 21st century.

    Don't leave us in suspense, though!

  4. Jfpbookworm - It was pretty predictable stuff, if pubic hair physiognomy is ever predictable. If it's natural he's either traditional or lazy; if it's trimmed he's considerate; if the balls and base are shaved but not the pubes (someone does this?) he's insecure; if it's all bare he's kinky.

  5. I'm still unclear on how one would go about (safely) removing pubes from scrote. A razor seems, um, ouch.

  6. Bruno - A razor works fine as I understand, you just have to be careful.

  7. I know people do it, but it just seems like razors and--I'm just going to come right out and say it--wrinkles don't mix. Maybe if you stretch the skin out tight?
    Even then, the smaller and rounder something is, the more likely you are to cut it instead of shaving it. Ouch.

    On the other hand, what are your other choices? Nair-type-stuff on your scrotum? Probably also ouches . . . . wax? That couldn't be a good time.

  8. Nair is probably not a good course. If scrota are anything like vaginas, it's best to stay away from substances that aren't, strictly speaking, "supposed" to be there. Although scrota don't include mucous membranes, which probably are a large part of why the vagina is sensitive to that kind of thing.

    Plus, they don't get yeast infections. *shrug*

  9. ...and if he's sporting a Mr. T style mohawk with little checkerboards patterns at the very base?

    What? Cosmo missed that?

  10. Having tried Nair, I can tell you there is not enough Gold Bond in the world to relieve what Nair in quantities sufficient to actually remove hair would do the Sacred Sack.

  11. I've done Veet, and I've done a few courses of lazer, but normally I just shave.

    Which is strange, sort of, 'cos I don't shave my face. Well, the strange part is buying razors and shit...

    LabRat: Nutsack is a lot less sensitive than pussy insides. Or do you mean you tried it on Stingray?