Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm not sure if I'll ever write a Big Threesome Sexy Post. It's hard to be sexy when my own feelings are more on the "hmm, conflicted emotions" side than the "ooh baby hot tight wet" side. I liked the guy more than I should've and knew the girl less than I should've and although physically it was a kick in the pants, the part of me that thinks too much still thinks it was... weird.

Anyway! Random personal revelation time!

I have masturbated literally as far back as I can remember. I'm not sure if I had orgasms before puberty; the realization that "suddenly it feels real good for a second and then I want to stop and at the same time there's a bunch more wet stuff" was an unnervingly gradual one. As was the realization that I was masturbating at all; for a long time I knew what masturbation was and I knew that I moved in certain ways that felt good and helped me sleep, but I simply didn't connect the two. Masturbation was all dirty and desperate and what I did was just a simple little pleasure. But I've always done "what I did." I have memories of drinking warm milk from a bottle and masturbating.

I'm honestly not sure if that's normal. Most people I've talked to say they started at a double-digit age, but little kids do seem to mess around plenty. Maybe it depends what your definition of "masturbate" is. At any rate, whether I'm a freak or I have billions of cohorts in this, I've been a horny little bastard my whole life.

I'm proud of that.


  1. All kids masturbate... whether they continue like you did, or have to rediscover it when they reach the double digits largely depends on how their parents approach the situation... i.e. "that's dirty, get your hands out of there" or "I understand that feels good, but this is something that we do in private"

  2. I don't believe I ever masturbated to completion until I hit puberty, but I've had erections and sexual fantasies my entire life. I didn't know what the hell they were, but I knew they felt good and I felt pretty ashamed the next morning.

  3. I can't remember being on the bottle, much less what I was doing while I had milkies.

  4. A friend once told me that she started masturbating when she was five, and she felt "very sexual" at that age. Unusual, probably, but I doubt you two are the only ones.

    I started having sexual fantasies at around 11(when I started reading my sister's romance novels), didn't start masturbating until I was about 12, and I didn't experience an orgasm for at least a year after that, mostly because I've always been impatient and while touching myself felt good, I got bored waiting for something to happen. And that first orgasm? Happened while I was sleeping, no touching involved. I stepped up my masturbation efforts after that.

  5. I have a very vivid memory of my first time. I was five, and in the shower, and fooling around with the detachable showerhead.

    I think I stopped briefly when I was nine or ten because my mother told me I was going to give myself an STI -- in retrospect this seems really out of character, so I'm halfway convinced this never actually happened -- but I started up again soon.

  6. Oh totally. I remember poking around down there and making up little stories from the time I was about two. (And without going into details, I remember being a pretty kinky little fucker too.) Masturbation was totally a part of playtime.

    I do remember my first orgasm though. I was 9, I think, and it took me quite by surprise. It wasn't until sex-ed two years later that I connected the dots.

  7. Oh, I did that all the time when I was a little kid. My parents were good about telling me that it wasn't bad but it was private and something you did alone until you were a grown-up.

  8. I was ten, and in the bath. I had a few little figurines I liked to play with and one of them had long yellow hair made out of yarn. I remember idly stroking myself with the yarn and feeling good. That was the beginning of years of good old-fashioned religious guilt. Hooray!

    (I stopped feeling guilty in my late teens. Took long enough.)

  9. Old post, BUT I masturbated from the time that I can remember. It was a daily part of nap-time, and I don't remember a time that I didn't orgasm, either. It was just luck, really. I, ya know, humped stuff, and the angle that my back made caused the front wall to hit the back wall, and so there was g-spot stimulation at the same time as clit stimulation. Of course I had no clue then what was taking place, but I can still climax that way in less than a minute.
    My parents did try to get me to stop, but it was pretty awesome, so I didn't exactly listen, just stopped doing it when they would catch me. I didn't connect it with the label masturbation until a while after I knew what masturbation was (like you) and I've felt unusually sexual for a female for most of my life. (Mostly that's not a negative thought, but very occasionally I feel like an improper freak, and that always seems to be brought on by conversations with other females. I identify a lot more with guys, as a generality, when talking about sex and sex drive.)
    Also: in high school I was very vocally pro-masturbation. It was sort of a running joke/just a common thing that I would ask friends, "So when was your last wank?" as... almost a greeting?

    I wrote a mini-novel there, but I think it's sort of interesting to hear how others weigh in, so there's my two cents.