Thursday, June 11, 2009


The hypnosis fetish is one of those weird little things I feel pretty neutral about, like a hair fetish or a wool fetish: not my thing, but hey, nothing wrong with it.

Lately I've been listening to hypnosis mp3s--not fetish hypnosis, just general guided relaxation that helps a little with reducing stress and getting to sleep. And it's the damndest thing, they make me horny. There's no sexual content, but somewhere between "you feel your muscles getting very loose" and "focus on your breathing, in and out," I just get suddenly ravenous for cock. (This also increases my impression that the mp3s work, because when I unpause and finish the recording again a few minutes later, boy am I more relaxed!)

It's possible that I have a secret hypnosis fetish that was in me all along, but this seems unlikely. I certainly do have a fetish for unnervingly calm, deep-voiced men telling me exactly what to do. More importantly, though, I think I walk around with a lot more stress than I realize and it affects my sex drive more than I realize. Simply going through the actions of methodically relaxing, of putting away the blood and sirens (okay, the barf and yelling) of the day and focusing on me and now wakes up my potential enormously.

So this quirk with the hypnosis mp3s lead me to to an important platitude for my "real", partnered sex life: relaxation matters. It's the difference between "well, my body's doing its thing, but what am I really doing here?" and "OH HOT DIGGITY YES." And sometimes the stress I'm under is invisible to me until it goes away. I can come when my mind's elsewhere, my vagina's reliable like that, but it's so much better if I can really be there when I come.

I don't really want to have sex with hypnosis, but I could definitely use some "not trying to go directly from work to sex and rush everything like crazy"pnosis.


  1. The hypnosis tapes sound interesting - I've never really considered that sort of thing before. It's a funny line that's drawn between relaxed sex and sex that aims to relax you. I can't decide which is better. Probably already relaxed sex, but then again, it's always nice to have your worries sidetracked by a most amazing romp in the sheets!


  2. God Bless the Internet. I had no idea hypnosis fetishism even existed.

  3. I've found that what you describe fits quite well with my experiences with my partners (that is, relaxation enhances arousal). I think its more a matter of relaxation allowing you to put away the stress-inducing influences in your life and focus on your own needs/wants for a few minutes than any fetish (not that there's anything wrong with fetishes, mind you, so long as its consenting adults & all that). In fact, one of the things I've learned over the years is that foreplay starts with creating a relaxing environment for intimacy.

  4. Yoga has the same effect on me. And that's exercise; I'll be sore and sweaty, but the instant my muscles start to unlock and I start focusing on breathing instead of whatever stupid crap is running around in my mind, I get horny.

    Relaxation is sexy.

  5. Relaxation is a huge deal. It may be more important for the average woman than the average man, or the average man may just be that much more relaxed because the average man is kind of a doofus.

    I love my children very much, but it's one of the weird ironies of married life that sex produces little stress-creation engines who, from that day forward, decrease the parents' sex drive by stressing them the hell out.