Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad habits.

Man, so often I feel like I've graduated Sex College without even passing Human Interaction Kindergarten.

Case in point: way too often I catch myself thinking "man, I haven't met any boys in forever," when the truth is I haven't met any people in forever. It's frighteningly easy to get in a routine of home->work->friend's house->public place with old friends and not talking to strangers->home, and then curse the heavens for not dropping new friends in my lap. It's a pretty rare occasion when I socialize with totally new people, and when I do I almost always end up making new friends. It's not that people aren't open to me, they just have no way of knowing that I exist.

I don't think of myself as a hermit, because I go out all the time, but lately it's been to familiar places with familiar people, and while that's certainly fun, as far as meeting men goes it's barely better than staying home whining to Blogger about how I must be too fat or something.

The other functional-hermit habit I really have to break is waiting to be approached, or more often, approaching but waiting to be asked out or propositioned. There's a lot of guys out there (especially as my tastes run pretty damn geeky) who wouldn't say "no" but who might not want to risk a "no" either. If I'd like to take him home but I'm too nervous to say so, what makes me think he isn't in the same boat? He may not be, but it's worth at least finding out.

Okay, and the third stupid habit I should break is going on dates all the time and getting laid roughly weekly and still somehow thinking I'm doing everything wrong.


  1. Fah! I wish I was getting laid weekly. Hell I'd settle for bi-weekly, its been like six months or more.

  2. I'm too busy keeping my parents alive and off the streets to even have much in the way of "familiar people" besides them. Best I've been able to manage is sex with a male stranger about every 1.5 years on the average. It's always been disappointing because I'm not really into men or strangers. It doesn't help that I went deaf years ago and don't have any time or money to learn sign language. [Breaking this off before it turns into a mostly true but-over-the-top sounding rant about my life]

    ...Let's just say that an arranged marriage would look good at this point, not that I would really want it or that it would ever happen even if I did. You've got it easy.

  3. Anonymous - Hey, I know I've got it easy. But since lying back thanking my lucky stars that I live a mostly unencumbered life is unproductive, I'd rather think about ways to make it even better.

  4. My worst bad habit: wasting perfectly good afternoons off on sex blogs and internet porn. No, seriously!

  5. Bad habit #4: Bragging and justifying it to yourself by hiding it in a self-critical post. ;)

    Anyway, your life doesn't sound like it's missing much to me.

  6. Sorry about that, I was in a bad mood at the time. I finally had most of the day to myself for the first time in months, or rather would have if my mother hadn't screwed everything up.