Saturday, May 2, 2009


It seems like dating is such an either/or proposition for me. Either I click with someone instantly and the very first day we feel like we've known each other forever, or it's obvious it's never gonna be.

This is never gonna be.

Nothing bad happened, he was good-looking and nice and laughed at my jokes and kissed me at the end, but it was clear we could both tell that there was nothing there. He wasn't as smart as me, I wasn't as sincere as him, he hadn't heard of my interests and I wasn't good at his. Neither of us even bothered to lie about calling.

Ah well. You can't fall if you don't climb up on tall things. Or something.


  1. How did you meet this guy?

  2. Bruno - At work. I didn't know him real well before though. :/

  3. How could you tell he wasn't as smart as you? I think that about some people I go out with, but I usually realize later that I was being arrogant. Of course, there's no point in seeing him again if you know you have no interests in common.

  4. GreenEarth - He just wasn't keeping up, you know? He kept asking me to explain jokes and references I thought were pretty evident, and I wasn't being deliberately obscure or anything. Maybe we just have different spheres of experience or something, I dunno.

  5. "Neither of us even bothered to lie about calling."

    good. if it's not going to work out, that's fine. I'd rather an uncomfortable truth than a convenient lie.