Monday, October 6, 2008

My ol' bad habit.

I hung out with Benny and I feel better. We didn't play or fuck, just talked and watched TV all cuddled up. There's probably something wrong about using your (rather obnoxious, although he's gotten a lot more respectful lately; either he's growing up or he actually missed me) fuckbuddy as a teddy bear, but he was cool with it and I do feel better now.

I also made the sad realization that he's now my longest-running sexual relationship of all time. Of course that's mostly due to us not giving a crap about each other, but we have sort of reached the stage where we know each other, you know? "Care" would be too strong a word but we know how to talk to each other and touch each other and that's a little bit comforting. He may be an Axe-wearing affection-spurning douchebag, but at least he's not a stranger.

God I need a real date.


  1. Uh . . . is anybody gonna say anything?

    Seriously, I'm no good at this.

    Um . . . there, there.

  2. DG - Uh? Are you trying to say I'm in some kind of trouble? Did I do wrong? I'm confused?

    Am I in trouble?

  3. You seemed a little down, yes. Like maybe someone should say something cheerful and comforting. But when I looked, no one had. . . . now that you're posting creepy stories of pierced chefs licking spooge off your face, I feel a little less worried about you.

    Which is slightly worrying in itself.

    Anyway, no, you didn't do anything bad. I just wanted you to feel better.