Fifty Shades of Grey Index

Fifty Shades of Grey

Chapter 1 - In which I have no idea what I'm getting into.

Chapter 2 - In which ordering creepy things at a hardware store is the height of suave domliness.

Chapter 3 - In which there is erotic muffin eating.

Chapter 4 - In which the only thing more romantic than stalking is straight-up kidnapping.

Chapter 5 - In which our heroine wakes up in a stranger's bed with no pants on, but don't worry, he didn't sexually assault her!  He does that later.

Chapter 6 - In which there is a Relationship Non-Disclosure Agreement.  And a helicopter.  I like the helicopter better.

Chapter 7 - In which BDSM negotiation is all about driving a hard bargain.

Chapter 8 - In which sex is like the spin cycle on a washing machine.

Chapter 9 - In which mildly gross sex happens. Not much else.

Chapter 10 - In which the emotional abuse kicks into high gear, and starts looking distinctly less like "he's just passionate."

Chapter 11 - In which a BDSM contract has cross-references, appendices, and copious boilerplate. Pretty steamy stuff.

Chapter 12 - In which there is the first outright rape in the book.

Chapter 13 - In which a long and complex BDSM negotiation occurs despite one of the parties not actually wanting any BDSM at all.

Chapter 14 - In which Ana's graduation is all about Christian and his dick, because isn't everything.

Chapter 15 - In which your ass isn't something we can just dive into.

Chapter 16 - In which Ana is free to choose: she can say yes and be beaten as BDSM play, or she can say no and be beaten as punishment for saying no.

Chapter 17 - In which Christian gives precision-aimed attack gifts.

Chapter 18 - In which Ana hates BDSM, but the payoff is sex, which she also hates.

Chapter 19 - In which Ana declines to be fingered during dinner with her partner's family, which is just the worst thing a girlfriend could ever do, how dare she.

Chapter 20 - In which Ana saying "no" is sexy.  Not so sexy that he'll actually stop when she says it, but, y'know, good and sexy.

Chapter 21 - In which I am on Team Kate forever.


Chapter 23 - In which oh god, it's that chapter with the tampon scene.

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Fifty Shades Darker

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  1. Hi! I just noticed this index, after thinking if I should crack some "Cliff's notes" joke on your 50SG recaps. I love both your and Jenny Trout's writing.