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Contact Info
Feel free to contact me for any reason; I love mail, whether it's to ask a question, discuss a post or issue, give me a tip on possible post subjects, or just to say hi.
Twitter: @pervocracy

Reprint Policy
If your blog is personal or non-profit, it's okay to quote any of my posts as long as you include an attribution to "The Pervocracy" or "Cliff Pervocracy" and a link to the original post. If you want to reprint my content in a for-profit website or publication, please email me at

All content is ©2007-2012 Cliff Pervocracy. Pervocracy™, The Pervocracy™, Holly Pervocracy™, and Cliff Pervocracy™ are trademarks.

Comment Policy
Comments reflect only upon their authors. I have a great group of regular commenters and fascinating discussion crops up in the comment sections, so I try very hard not to censor comments. I certainly do not delete comments merely for presenting opposing opinions. However, comments may be deleted or commenters banned according to the following rules:

• Stalking, harassing, or posting private information about me or anyone else will lead to banning.
• Spam will be deleted.
• No sexist bullshit. If the gist of your comment is "one gender is morally/intellectually inferior," you can save yourself the time of writing it, because it's going to disappear.  We're just not going to argue on that level here.
• No racist, homophobic, fat-phobic, transphobic, classist, ableist, or other hateful bullshit either.
• Commenters who post repetitive disruptive comments may be banned or have some of their comments deleted.
This is my blog and ultimately I reserve the right to delete anything for any reason.

All comments on posts more than a month old are moderated for spam/troll protection; it may take several hours for your comment to be approved.

Content Notice
This blog contains explicit sexual content and adult language. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Guest Post Policy
I occasionally accept guest posts from people who read the blog and write posts that fit the tone and themes of the blog very well.  I do not accept guest posts from generalist freelancers, content brokers, or paid/link-exchange guest posts.