Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tactile peek.

One of my favorite things is the feeling of a man getting hard inside his jeans. A guy getting hard not inside his jeans is pretty awesome too, but there's something particularly naughty about the half-concealed boner. I can tell it's there, but he still has some secrets. I can squeeze it, but not stroke it.

I think it's like the difference between a naked breast and a nipple barely peeking through clothing. Being naked, that's utilitarian, that's how sex normally is. Being sexy in your clothing, the clothes trying to hide it but failing, that's a whole lot more interesting.

Plus, it's hard to get a guy's dick all the way out at a movie theater without someone noticing and getting all weird about it.

1 comment:

  1. I think I can say I feel exactly the same way about getting a girl wet. Obviously its a lot harder to tell through a pair of jeans (though it has been done!), but making a girl get wet, and feeling it through a layer of fabric (usually her underwear, but whatever) is hugely exciting and a big ego-boost. Not that amount of wetness necessarily equals amount of turned-on-ness, but it can be a fairly good barometer.