Monday, September 22, 2008


Every year, Seattle's awesome alternative weekly The Stranger hosts a porn/sexually-oriented-filmmaking-of-some-sort festival called HUMP!

I'm going to be in an entry for this one! I won't be doing the nakey on film, sadly, just acting as a talking head in a documentary, but hey. That's the perfect compromise, right? No theoretically-life-destroying porn taint, but the opportunity to appear in the sexual media nonetheless.

I'm pretty sure that once you talk about sex in a documentary, you officially become a "sexpert."


  1. I think Holly should become the David Attenborough of fucking.

  2. Bruno - I'll open the world's first 18+, clothing-optional dinosaur park.

  3. And once you're a 'sexpert', you can write for Cosmo!

    Actually, you really should. It would improve the tone of the magazine to have sex advice columns written by a person who has actually had sex in the last decade.

  4. 18+ clothing optional dino-park? I'd put some extra warnings on the electric fences just for good measure. Either that, or get a really good liability waiver for visitors of a certain kink.