Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have an actual, honest-to-God date Sunday with someone I enjoy socially but have not exchanged photographs or discussion of genitalia with! I'm very excited. Are we going to have sex? I DON'T KNOW! Fascinating feeling.

Also, remember that retarded "Porn for Women" book from way back? I randomly found a page with some scans. Yeah... it's retarded all right. I mean, the models are awful cute, but... my first thought of what I'd do with them isn't "home-cooked dinner." (And even assuming that I go along with the "women's greatest fantasy is clothed cute men being doormatty!" conceit, I don't want a man who pulls over for directions. I want a man who knows how to use the Thomas Guide.)


  1. Well I hope you have a great night

  2. You are adorable.

    Also, I was expecting a Thomas Guide to be something naughty.

  3. Being able/willing to pull over for directions is the totem for a man being able to admit he doesn't know something/admit he needs help.... 95% of the men I know can't do that, it IS rare and in my eyes very valuable trait. However, I really don't think it's sexy. Nor do I think Mr.Boy-Next-Door in his apron is at all appealing. Maybe if he was wearing boxer-briefs with an apron... or without.....

    Hope your date is/was fun!! :)