Sunday, November 2, 2008


This may just be me, but my nipples are almost numb. I can feel it when they're forcefully bitten or pinched (mmm), but trying to gently caress them? Doesn't do much. My breasts can appreciate soft touches; although the nipples are pink and sticky-outy and all, they're actually not sensitive at all.

I still like seeing a dude's mouth on them though.

Your breastage may vary. But it's always worth asking! It's pretty widely known that some men have sensitive nipples and some don't; I'm here to point out that women are the same.


  1. hmmm interesting maybe its not just the breast,I find women are also sensitive under the breast and around the aureole not just the nipple there are many and varied erogenous zones on a woman and half the fun is finding them

  2. Yeah, I'm the same way. It bewilders my husband, though he occasionally comments, "You know, I should really understand that you don't have sensitive nipples better because I'm the same way...."

  3. It depends on the time of month for me. It's REEEALLY variable, from "meh, maybe two very small vices would help" to squealing like a banshee if the breeze blows the right way. It's a predictable ebb and flow, though, which makes it easier to manage.