Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I feel like my orgasms are getting stronger. Maybe it's just practice. But lately when I have sex it's like I'm fucking possessed. The first one takes a few minutes to work up to but after that, if things keep going, it's overwhelming. My muscles inside and out spasm hard, I'm utterly insensible to pain, hypersensitive to pleasure anywhere on my skin, and I have very little control over my body and mind. I've always had intense orgasms, but in the last few months I've had some that would be terrifying if they weren't the best thing ever.

And afterwards, I'm more spent than before, too. I've always tended to crash after sex but lately sometimes I just get utterly mentally and physically drained. Like can't-stand-up, can't-talk, can't-remember-things drained. Like I said, it's downright frightening.

This doesn't happen every time. Not every quick fall-asleep wank or friendly afternoon screw ends in insane thrashing and a post-ictal afterglow. But when someone works at it, when they really make an event out of the sex and take their time and hurt me a bit... I can go way, way over the edge.

Sometimes I sympathize with this Onion article in a weird way. I can come off so mousy in public, I worry that people would never suspect. I need to find a nice tasteful way of letting new friends know that I have mega-orgasms.


  1. Why do you need to let them know? I suspect that the ones who DO need to know either already do, or will soon find out first hand.

    BTW, congratulations on the huge orgasms. Not everyone can claim that level of intensity so frequently. Sounds like you've found a way to get your happy buttons pushed pretty thoroughly. :)

  2. Hot. :)

    I'm amused that this was your next post after the LJ mope.

  3. Mithras61 - Because if more people knew, more people could fall into that "first hand" category.

    Bruno - Well, balance is everything.

  4. I agree with Bruno, that's pretty hot. :)

  5. Now I have Daft Punk running through my head.


  6. Perl: I was thinking of one more time at first, then harder better faster stronger.