Thursday, September 17, 2009

Verbatim from my friend's employee handbook.

"Sexually oriented materials are offensive to many people. Therefore, the utmost discretion should be used when bringing these items to work."


  1. LOL
    this reminds me of het people who use the words, 'thats so gay' to describe something they dislike.

    Dude, your tacky funiture (or other random object) cannot be 'gay'... its just tacky...
    good grief
    I wonder if they have a list of sexually oriented items to avoid after the rule... and which orientation they are

  2. Lush - I don't think that's what they mean at all.

  3. I'm just wondering what the thought process was. I mean, I expect most places of business, if they bother to say anything about it, say, "Don't bring sexually-related materials to work at all!"

  4. I read it as "If We don't know about it an nobody complains about it, It isn't a problem." Which means they don't have to define sexually oriented materials until there IS a problem.

  5. @holly
    Yeah, my interpretation was a little extreme.

    I was enjoying the words they used to get their meaning across.