Monday, September 6, 2010

Penis proportions.

In my experience, guys almost always have penises that fit them. It's not that I can look at a guy and guess what his penis looks like, but once I see it, I can go "oh, that makes sense." Just as most people tend to have the right nose for their face, most guys have the right cock for their body.

Then again, the older I get, the less I care about anatomy at all. It's nice when it works well for me, certainly I do enjoy the PIV just a tiny bit, but a guy's ability to whisper really horrible things in my ear or find just that spot inside me matters so much more. As so often happens in my life, I knew the cliche but it took me years to really get it: it's the motion of the ocean, baby.

Even to the extent anatomy matters, I find that sheer bigness isn't it; I used to sleep with a guy of whom I always thought "gee, he has a really comfortable cock," and if this sounds like sort of a backhanded compliment, trust me, there are entire non-stop weekends that say it's not.


  1. As a straight male, I have no frame of reference for what penis size works best (and, of course, that's an individual thing, anyway). But being clueless has never stopped me from opening my mouth before, right?

    It seems to me that one of the most important factors for good sex is just communication. If people are into each other, and they're all willing to communicate and fulfill one anothers' desires, then things will tend to work out well for everyone involved.

  2. I like a nice full feeling, but as long as I've got something hard to squeeze when I reach my not-quite-climax-but-as-close-as-I-get-these-days I'm a happy girl.

    Besides no penis can match a fist.

  3. Oh, there's definitely something to the anatomy fitting! Communication, skill, all that matters, but sometimes there's just a really good match.

  4. In my experience, penis size is completely random. I've dated a 6' guy who was packin' 3 inches and a 5'4" guy who was a two-hander. But of course most guys fall in that "average" category of, what, 4"-6"?

  5. I agree: mostly random and unpredictable, although I would say overall the taller men I've dated (like those over 6'2") have had the largest cocks. The smallest penis I've seen (pinky size) was on a medium-tall guy. And most guys are absolutely in the average category (much to their chagrin I imagine).