Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ultimate Pleasure.

Last night I masturbated to orgasm while receiving a backrub.

I have the best possible life.


  1. That does sound pretty good, but wouldn't it have been even better if you were also receiving a foot massage and drinking a milkshake at the same time, while someone cleaned your apartment and left a million dollars in unmarked 100s on your cocktail table?

  2. Comrade PhysioProf - If I had a million dollars I'd only spend it on backrubs anyway.

  3. Sounds good, but add bacon for the best possible life.

  4. Hunh. I usually use warm almond oil with a little eucalyptus and lavender for massage. I suppose I could try warm bacon dressing.

  5. Mousie, that sounds really good. Except I had someone use almond oil on me once without telling me that's what it was. Turns out I'm allergic to almonds. *That*...was not fun.

    Terressentials makes fantastic body oils for massages. They're all heavily cocoa-butter-based, but their additional scent makes them smell fomgodish - like mint chocolate. I tried their Luscious Lemon oil and heard, repeatedly, "What smells like a chocolate orange?" at work. ...amazing. :D

    All else aside, back massages are phenomenal and I'm kinda jealous. I bet the back massage made the orgasm feel that much more intense.

  6. Also, looks like my epileptic keyboard did it again. "Fomgodish" was supposed to read "foodish" and somehow got an OMG thrown in there.

  7. I am NOT the person Holly was with - I only chimed in to make the bacon joke. Sorry if anyone was confused. I'm always happy to give massages, but it wasn't me.

  8. ZombieCheeze, I thought you meant foodish with an OMG! in the middle. It's expressive.

    I tend to blend my own oils due to price. Since some of the oil is absorbed through the skin, I stick to food oils.

    You choose the base oil to not have a strong smell and for it's balance of lasting and not lasting; how often you will need to reapply vs. how greasy the person will feel later. Almond is my favorite because it is quite light; you have to reapply more but it doesn't leave a greasy feel.

    Then you add a few drops of a warming ingredient, like menthol and/or eucalyptus essential oil. It's important not to overdo this because it brings warmth from the person's core to the part you're massaging; too much and they will feel cold later, way too much and it burns.

    And then you add a few drops of something just for the scent. I mainly aim for relaxing scents, which lavender or chamomile essential oils are good for.

    I have a friend who's allergic to almond, eucalyptus, and menthol; I'm trying to choose a suitable base for her, thinking safflower heated with ginger root as a warmer.

    (You always want to heat the oil, cold oil never feels good; and always spread it on your hands, never dribble it on the massagee.)