Sunday, November 11, 2007


I've been reading Shere Hite's The Hite Report about female sexuality. It's interesting, but I'm amazed how little of it applies to me. One of her major points is "most women don't orgasm from intercourse," and then there's a ton of testimonies from women who don't and a long explanation of why they don't and a lot of ideas of what would make a woman orgasm. And it means nothing to me except that I'm in the minority.

I come during sex. I come from sex, with no special attention on my clit. I have orgasms while I'm getting fucked, because I'm getting fucked. And I don't even like receiving oral sex that much. (I wouldn't say no to any you've got lying around, but it doesn't get me off. It's too gentle.)

It's amazing how many women don't have orgasms at all. I have one, on estimate, every other day, and average maybe four or five each time I'm with a guy. I am an orgasm factory. And apparently a freak of nature. I can't pretend to be upset about that, but it's strange to think about. I always assume my experiences are the experiences anyone could have if they just tried.

P.S.: Does anyone know how to do a "cut" in Blogger (posting a long post behind a link)? There's a really interesting in-depth survey at the end of Hite's book, and I'd like to go through it with my own answers, but it'll be be extremely long and I don't want to stuff all that on the front page. How could I do this?

P.P.S.: Also, does anyone know how to wash rope? Mine's starting to smell kinda... well-loved. Like the Velveteen Rabbit. Only horrible.


  1. For the first, I don't know how blogger works, but over at our place it's "< !- -more-- >" without the spaces. Worth a shot?

    For the second, depends on the rope. For softer stuff like cotton/clothesline/cotton-poly blends, coil it securely like this, only with the middle section where the rope goes perpendicular to the main coil extending out to about 3/4 of the overall length, if that makes sense. Make sure the ends aren't going to come undone and let it uncoil or something though; good knots shouldn't be a problem, I imagine. From there, I don't see any reason not to just toss it in a washing machine with the blue jeans. To dry, uncoil and spread out to air-dry.

    If it's straight nylon, sisal, hemp, and the other scratchy nasty stuff, just spend five bucks and get new stuff from the hardware store.

  2. For a better idea what I meant, more like the pic here. Basically you just want a pretty solid coil that won't unravel in the wash. Unless you like spending all your time untying knots.

  3. Stingray - Doesn't work for me. I might have to go to the trouble of actually Googling it. Feh.

    And good God, I don't tie people up with sisal or nylon, on account of wanting them to ever let me tie them up again. Jeez. But the coil thing's worth doing.

    And I already spend half my time undoing knots...

  4. Isn't it nice to know other "freaks of nature" - women who are down with their sexuality and own it? My blog has been such a great way to meet like-minded women - it's liberating to be able to talk about your rape fantasies and fisting.

    PS: You and I are very different in that I don't cum every time during sex, but I looove oral sex and masturbating.

  5. TBK - You know, I'm not entirely "down with" my sexuality. I don't 100% "own" it. I just do the things it tells me too, and (at least online) I don't pretend I didn't. But sometimes I feel bad about it, and sometimes I don't agree with myself, and sometimes I think I'm fucking disgusting.

    Maybe it's just youth, maybe it's good for me in some way, but I am not yet at peace with the idea of "Holly, Student, Daughter, Caregiver, Cumslut."

  6. This post made me think back and take a little survey in my mind. Exactly 50% of the women that I have been with have reached orgasm through vaginal sex without clitoral stimulation. (Tangentially, a slightly different but still exact 50% swallow.) And yes, the sample size is greater than 2. Even within each group, there is a lot of variation in preferred duration, position, etc. One thing that I both love and hate about being a man is that it's apparently much simpler than the alternative.

    By the way, if the smell won't come out of the rope, take a tip from revitalizing stinky cloth diapers. Wash once with copious amounts of baking soda and plain white vinegar (it will fizz.) Wash again with detergent. Stuff you thought could never smell good again is miraculously rescued.


  7. Just thought you might like to know- I read "I come /from/ sex" and thought "well, yeah, so does everyone else- mommy and daddy had some fun together, and nine months later..." ;-)

  8. I really, really want to know how ladies achieve multiple orgasms without, like, three hours in between. (Does that even count?) I come exactly once from each and every sexual encounter (masturbating and sex with the boy) and after that I'm too sensitive to do anything else for a while. And sometimes that doesn't even happen; I'm already too sensitive or I lose it halfway through or whichever. Four orgasms in a single session would be like... whoa.

  9. Its been decades since I read the Hite Report. Has it been updated? I would guess that those results were at least in significant part the product of the lack of information and openness about female sexuality prior to the publication of that report and other developments in the 70s. I certainly hope that those percentages have improved as society has become more accepting of women exploring and learning how to enjoy sex!