Friday, November 16, 2007

Naked Time.

When I go over to Alan's house, we haven't seen each other in days, maybe even a week, so of course we have to have sex right away. The first time is quick and utilitarian. But afterwards, if we're not planning to go out, we don't get dressed.

We just spend the next several hours together, ass-naked, hanging out. (Heh... "hanging out.") We read, cook, watch TV (we're big on schadenfreude reality shows like "Intervention", or anything of the format "World's Deadliest... Caught on Tape!"), play video games, nap--always naked, always in physical contact.

It's a nice feeling, not really a sexual one, but incredibly primally nice, to have warm skin pressed against your own. It's worth savoring. It's also a little arousing. At the end of naked time we have a lot of sex.

I guess you could do that every day if you were married. I wonder how many people do though. There's probably some cooling-off period after which you start wearing clothes or it's just gross.


  1. Just you wait, sister...

  2. This is reason number one why I like living alone.
    Unless I"m going outside of my apartment, clothing is not required (unless, sometimes when I have guests)
    This tends to save on laundry too.

  3. This tends to save on laundry too.
    I hope you shampoo your couch more often to make up for it... ;p

  4. Dorkie - I used to do that sometimes when I lived alone, but combine that with a tendency to work nights and weekends, and you end up greeting the UPS man in a hastily-tied bathrobe at 4 PM on a Thursday, and that's kind of ooky.

    Bruno - Oh god damn... I'm sure Brandon never shampoos his couch... and we aren't just naked there, we... augh, it was all fine until I started thinking about it.

  5. Meh, I spend most of my time sleeping, or reading in bed. So I end up just changing my sheets.
    But yeah, I have couch covers on that I wash too.
    And I'm cute (and mildly conceited obviously) I don't mind answering the door in a bathrobe. Actually, I have a black silk one that I tend to wear if someone knocks. It's comfy, and well, pfft, what do I have to hide?

    (Check it out, self esteem today, go figure...though I guess it's early.)