Monday, November 5, 2007

You know how it is?

I very often have the feeling that I'm faking an orgasm at the exact moment that I am also having an orgasm.


  1. If you mean when you're with a guy you're acting differently than you would alone - moaning louder, writhing more or whatever, to make sure the guy knosw you're coming, I know just what you mean. Basically catering to perceived expectations guys have for a female orgasm.

    But maybe that's not what you mean at all.

  2. What I mean is sort of like that, except that it's not quite as conscious. My internal monologue is something like this:

    "Geez, Holly, that's pretty over the top with the screaming and clawing his back and all."
    "Uh... I don't think I'm doing that on purpose."
    "Then how am I thinking so clearly about it right now?"

    I never really answered that third question, but that's my train of thought, even while my train of speech is "OH GOD OH GOD OOOHHHHHH."

  3. My think-mind seems to totally split from my do/doing mind a lot during sex too. I feel very alert and amused even as my body goes all poxy and uncontrollable on me.

  4. I've had that. I'll be analyzing what I'm doing as I do it. Sometimes it happens when I'm making noise as he thrusts - "I could -not- be making this noise, but I guess I'm choosing to or something?"

    Once I had an orgasm that was so intense I was biting his arm and moaning uncontrollably. The "uncontrollably" is the key part here. Usually I'm aware of the sounds as I'm making them, but this time it was like listening to someone else make them. It was kinda interesting to not feel like I was consciously controlling my reaction.

    Analyzing sex in real-time, brought to you by She Who Often Thinks Too Much.