Tuesday, November 13, 2007


When I was very young, a friend of mine told me that the first time you have sex with a guy, he gives you his shirt. It's a ritual, she said.

I haven't discovered any guys who know this ritual, so I've just had to steal their shirts.

Well, not steal. Borrow. Borrow and invariably sleep in, basking in their scent. Every guy I've been with has had a very distinct smell. It's not something you can notice until you're sex-close and they're all sweated up, but smells are as unique as faces. Alan's is smoky and deep, the smell of vice; Jon's is alkaline, very like semen, explicitly sexual. Kevin's was pure sweat, a runner's stink. (Alan wears Old Spice and Benny wears Axe, which is... so thematically perfect it shouldn't be real.)

I give the shirt back, but when I do, it's got my own smell on it. A little interest on the loan.

The heaviest flannel jammies in the world aren't half as warm on a cold night as the dirty cotton t-shirt of That Boy I Like.

P.S. Stingray: you ruined my rope. A pox on your house.


  1. I blame your rope. Last time I did it to get a big oil-stain out from towing a car it worked a treat. How exactly did it ruin it? There may be some way to prevent future ruin.

    Meanwhile, consider it a chance to experiment with exciting new blends? Yeah, I got nothin'. Sorry.

  2. It was diamond braid rope with a core, and in the wash the rope developed "hernias" with loops of the core bulging out through gaps in the outer braid. It was ugly. I had to take it out back and shoot it.

    Oh well. I bought the rope before I was very experienced and in many ways it's the wrong stuff for the job. Next time I know to get something softer, slightly thinner, and cut it in much longer sections. The longest I had in this one was 25 feet, and I didn't realize how much repeated wrapping around there is in bondage ties and how quickly that eats up length. Next time I hack up a rope I'm leaving at least one 50-foot section. Oh, and I'm going to finish the ends properly this time.


  3. Maybe next time Woolite and the washtub would be a better option, since you're not exactly dealing with axle grease (I hope). It's the traditional way to tend to the delicates after all. At least I gave you a good excuse to get longer cuts?

  4. Chicks...
    I'm am forever getting my clothes out of my wife's hamper. At least it's not an isolated case.