Saturday, September 18, 2010

About last night.

Last night was a five-way cuddle pile that turned into a three-way fuck pile. It was awesome. I'm going to call my partners Rowdy and Sprite, for entirely idiosyncratic reasons. I don't think I can get things in chronological order, but the pieces are delicious.

-My clothing is gone. I think someone else took my clothing (a blue cotton dress, if "someone else" is reading; my email is in the upper right so please let me know) and now I have no clothing to go home in. Fortunately I can borrow some.

-There are seriously twelve kinky people in Boston, tops. I can't take my pants off in this town without seeing someone I already know from a totally different venue. Which is sometimes disconcerting but mostly great, because when it's cool people who keep popping up, it's nice to be part of a community like that.

-You know what's awesome? Tying Sprite down, teasing her, and then fucking her boyfriend on top of her--that's kind of awesome. Then Rowdy and I both fucked her. Because we aren't inconsiderate.

-More for the "I never" list: fucking a guy while a girl fingers his ass--wow did that get a delightful reaction out of him--and fucking him while she fingered me. Like, both in my pussy at once. Like wow.

I have been writing about sex for four years. "Like wow." That's all I've got. Like WOW, y'all. But Rowdy was the guy with the Coke-can cock, so like being stretched as far as I possibly could and then being stretched that little bit and with the exquisite dexterity of a finger. Like wow.

-To be honest--maybe brutally so--this is the first time a threesome has really worked for me. I've had ones before that were fun, but this was no-reservations awesome happy fun. I think it was because it was the first time I've had good chemistry with the girl as well as the guy. Because I like Sprite, like like her, pretty much as much as I like Rowdy. When you're fucking the girl to please the guy, it's just not the same as when you're fucking them both. A triangle is so much more comfortable than a V.

And every time we had sex, it really was three ways. It wasn't "me now her" (although at one point we did rock-paper-scissors for firsties), it was "me and her and him and us in a big happy sexy tangle."

-At one point we were flipping through Cosmopolitan's list of sexual positions and reenacting them in giggling naked but non-penetrative fashion. Cosmo doesn't do threesome positions, though. There's exponentially more. At one point Sprite was in my lap getting fucked, at another I was rubbing her clit from the front while she got fucked from behind, at another I was sucking Rowdy's cock while I fingered Sprite, and all through the night we were just rolling around over each other and kissing and cuddle and oh it was awesome.

-I'm loud when I come. Like real loud and real enthusiastic and kind of... intense, so I've been told. And the amazing thing was that while I was fucking Rowdy and coming my brains out and thus moaning and screaming all over, Sprite started getting into it. Really into it. Like masturbating just watching us and talking dirty to me and moaning just about as hard as I was. It was hot as fuck.

-Total number of empty condom wrappers in the pile at the end of the night: ten. That's accounted for by just one guy. One very impressive guy. Rowdy's got some stamina. The way the ocean's got some water.

-Alright, I have clothes! They're not entirely appropriate to my gender or size, but I am not naked! Alright!


  1. Hot!!!!! Pictures please - even if artfully anonymized!

  2. Tragically, I am unable to go back and take artfully anonymized pictures of last night. And if I were, I would fear disrupting the timeline disastrously such that guinea pigs came to rule the Earth.

  3. That is indeed tragic, especially given the epic fun your post indicates!

  4. That sounds like so much fun-- if all threesomes were like that, I think we'd be well on the road to world peace :-)

  5. Sounds so much more fun and hot and enjoyable (for everyone!) than the crappy fake threesomes in most mainstream porn. Thanks for the messages from realityland, Holly :) They are always a good read!

  6. I'm so jealous, holy fuck. :P

  7. Deeply, deeply jealous!

  8. This sounds so fun! It makes me smile just reading it.

  9. only 10? seemed like more.

  10. Sigh... true triangles are SO much better than Vs. I learned this the hard way.

    As for pics... I used to be told "you must be present to win." :-)