Sunday, September 12, 2010

Less Grouchy Post.

-I think whenever I eat meat my vagina tastes like that meat afterward. I get beef vagina or bacon vagina. I've never had another person actually confirm this, but I firmly believe it.

-One good thing to come out of last night (other than a very fun dinner with friends, the kind where people are asking the hostess not to be seated near us): I can now cross "sexually strangulated with my own stethescope" off the ol' Bucket List.


  1. I liked the 'sexually strangulated' part.

    It was, of course, friendly, warm, compassionate sexual strangulation with a stethoscope; only the best for you. ;)

  2. The grouchy post made some good points :-)
    Maybe if you became a pescatarian, you'd default to fish vagina? That would be unfortunate. I'm a vegetarian who eats a lot of ramen noodles-- salt and msg flavor? It could be worese.

  3. From my own personal experience, i've noticed that boys and girls who eat meat have a... stronger flavour... than vegetarians. Some vegetarians (especially those fruit ones) have a bit of a sweet under-flavour which is lovely too.