Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleeping Alone.

I slept alone last night. I didn't have to.

Rowdy came over and we hung out and cuddled and did the monkey thing and watched "Mythbusters" and did some things monkeys never even thought of. Then he headed back to his place to meet Sprite, and invited me along. I said no. I stayed home and read "Into the Wild" (conclusion: Chris McCandless was crazypants, but I really want to go hiking) and sprawled out over the whole bed and slept well and late.

I like sleeping with people, in both senses, but I also like having my own space. I've been booking myself densely recently, with almost every night either work or a social/sexual commitment, and just quietly sitting at home feels like a luxury. Not one I'd want all the time (I've had enough of that), but one I sometimes need. Sleeping with Rowdy and Sprite is wonderful and sexy and warmfuzzy, but sleeping alone makes me feel like I've really rested.

It's possible that my philosophical solitude could be replicated via a king size bed. Three people in a full is cute and cuddly and all, but it does kinda mean you've got someone's elbow in your face all night.


  1. I hear ya. I'm taking a few days off later this week. I like spending quality one-on-one time with my own beddy-bye.

  2. I've gotten used to a queen size with two people. Full isn't bad, but I do notice it being smaller. 3 in a full seems like it would be really cramped.

  3. All three of us are big folks,so we can JUST manage to sleep in a king. If it's cold out. If not, one of the girls (usually Kellie because she's usually the one in the middle) flees for the cooler confines of the couch.

  4. Chris McCandless was a selfish and unprepared moron.

  5. A king size bed is a key element of poly-triad happiness, in my experience. The queen just didn't quite cut it and someone always ended up on the couch.