Thursday, September 2, 2010


Have you ever eaten bibimbap? It's a Korean food created by mixing a whole bunch of ingredients and meat and rice and sauce, and it looks like a complete mess. If there's any presentation factor to it to begin with--and there usually isn't--the moment you start stirring it up and take a few bites it's going to look like the stuff you find when the garbage disposal jams up. It's just not pretty food. But it's delicious.

A little while back, I was messing around with a friend in bed. He's a big chunky dude and was mostly dressed except for his cock sticking out of his fly; I had a skirt rolled up to my waist and a shirt rolled up to my neck. And we were just rolling around and groping and almost idly humping. It wasn't the kind of hump where you go for the gold but the kind where you cuddle a bit, hump a bit, cuddle some more, tell some dumb jokes, hump a bit. And at some point we got in a position where he was on top of me, but not "missionary position" on top, more like "mattress" on top. He was just sprawled over me and I was sprawled and we were both alternatingly moaning and giggling from all the groping and grinding.

"This must look ridiculous," he said. And I realized he was right. From the outside, we didn't look like anything pornographic or erotic but just an ungainly pile of disarrayed flesh and hair and clothing. We were a mess.

"And yet... ahhhh," he added. Because we might not have been good to look at but looking wasn't the point anyway. It was a delicious mess. Bibimbap.


  1. I fucken love bibimbap! The best kind comes in a sizzling hot stone pot and the juicy rice that touches the hot stone gets all crispy and shitte!! YUMMMM!!!!!!

    Thatte and a couple fucken glasses of soju and I'm fucken goode to goe!!!!!

  2. And a raw egg. Crack a raw egg over bibimbap. Delicious.

  3. Love the metaphor, and not just becuase I like to eat...

  4. Can't remember for the life of me where I've heard/read/seen that, but it's a sentence that always makes me giggle - if it's the kind of sex where people are enjoying themselves, it's bound to look ridiculous. :P

  5. I always think it looks beautiful - all the colors and textures mixed together....

  6. For your information, we had Korean takeout for dinner here, and I cannot do this without thinking of this post.