Thursday, August 7, 2008

So soon!

Tomorrow I'm working a 24-hour shift. (For a total of a 72-hour week... I may be decadent but I'm not lazy. And, I think, it's a testament to the ferocity of my sex drive that I even have one at this point.) At the end of that shift, on Saturday morning, I'm going directly to the airport. Then I'm sitting on a plane all day.

And then... TOMMY! I'm going to see TOMMY! I know I already posted about this but I am so excited! I like Tommy so much and I missed him and now we're going to be together and yay and schmoop.

It's certainly been weird, not fucking other people. I think I'm doing it more for Tommy's sake than my own--in my scheme of the world, sex doesn't have to be exclusive for a relationship to be sincere--but my world-scheme also allows that if I like someone enough, and I know that me having random sex would hurt him, I can restrain myself. So apparently I like Tommy more than I like random sex. That's a lot.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Tommy is really, really, really good at nonrandom sex. I don't know if I ever made this explicit, but the last time we saw each other it was for four days and we had sex twenty times. Each one a keeper. He beat the shit out of me. It was awesome.

I could go on about how much I like Tommy--so smart! so funny! so cute!--but you get the picture, right? I'm infatuated. I'm almost scared by how infatuated I am, because this seems too good to be true, but it's sustained itself for quite a few months now. I keep half-expecting the other shoe to drop, like I'll suddenly learn that he has five abandoned children, or he's a convicted terrorist, or a Scientologist, or something, but no. Apparently the other shoe is that he's just a really great guy who likes me back.

Hm. Apparently I did go on about it. Well, at least one person will enjoy this entry.

Next entry: Cosmocking!


  1. "like I'll suddenly learn that he has five abandoned children, or he's a convicted terrorist, or a Scientologist"

    Well, me and Tom, John, Giovanni, Jenna, and Juliet(my five kids) used to Fair Game a couple people, but that time I spent in Gitmo cleared that RIGHT up.

    Schmoop you too, honey. :)

  2. Woo! Cosmocking! The Onion stole your bit though, Holly...