Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Very often if I'm sitting around naked (which is basically any time I'm alone in my room) I'll touch myself. Not full-on masturbation, not trying for an orgasm, just kind of hanging onto my important parts, reminding myself that it's all there. Or even less than that, just twiddling my labia the way I'd twiddle a paperclip, something to keep my hands busy. It's not sexy, it's just comfortable.

And very often lately I'll do the same thing with my dildo. I'll have it in my lap or even strapped on and just idly... dick around with it. Stroke it, rub my thumb around the head, bend it around gently. I'm more tweaking it than jerking it off, but it's the very same feeling, of being glad to have it there.

It's funny, I'm utterly used to writing about hyper-personal "what did Holly put up her butt this week?" topics, but that last paragraph got me all embarrassed, because I'm really not sure if that's a normal thing to be doing. I'm not a dude, I don't want to have a dick per se, but having one now and then to mess around with feels good.

So yeah.... sometimes I strap on and jerk off.

(Yes, I can feel it, and not just through the magic simpatico I have with my dildo--having the big firm base strapped right over my clit means that jerking-off motions actually send a lot of nice diffuse pressure through my whole pubic area. I can't quite get off with it but the pleasure is quite real.)


  1. This post makes me happy.

    It's very personal, it's also rather sexy.

    I do the same thing -touching myself idly- whenever alone and naked. Which is pretty much whenever I'm home alone.

  2. This is something I'd never noticed that much until we had a baby. Babies do this constantly with a complete lack of self-consciousness. Diaper comes off, hands go on.

  3. I thought I was the only person who who idly fingered their wang because... well, it's there.

  4. This is why I'm sad the strap-on lives at my girlfriend's house.

  5. I've never been one for idle ladybits-fondling. Probably because I've never liked getting goo on my hands (papier-mache in elementary school was the worst), and bits get naturally rather gooey when they like what's going on.

    My boyfriend idly touches himself all the time. It confused me at first.

    "Are you touching it because you're horny, or...?"
    "Nah, just because it's there."

    Just one of the many Boy Things that confused the Innocent Girl in those days.

  6. if you are someone whose ladybits easily react in an unfortunate fashion to friction it tends to discourage this kind of thing :/