Monday, June 1, 2009

Sex blogger completely forgets mission statement, posts vacation slideshow

Out of 6 planned ghost towns, 2 were impossible to find, 1 was located on private property, and the 3 I visited were not properly "ghost" but still occupied either in the form of really really shitty towns or deliberate historical showcases. If this area contains truly empty towns with naught but a tumbleweed rolling down Main Street, I didn't have the time or information to find them. I did get some maps and good advice at Cashmere, so I might be able to do better sometime in the future.

Snoqualmie Pass, with busload of British tourists
Roslyn, WA
The Rosyln cemetery dates back to 1887
Liberty, WA
Liberty arrastra - water-powered stone-crushing mill
Mysterious cairns in Liberty
Campsite over the Wenatchee River
Swim at your own risk
Leavenworth, WA - a fake-ass "Bavarian" tourist town in some very real-ass mountains
It's like Disneyland, only in the middle of nowhere! And German for some reason!
Cashmere, WA
Church in Cashmere
Modern apartments
Mommy, I want to see the 10 deadliest snakes!
Feedin' time
Tortoise :)
Be nice to the tortoise :(

Your regularly scheduled horniness will resume later tonight; I've got a disgusting sex-toy story, a sexy fucking-outdoors story, and a Cosmocking coming up.


  1. It's very odd to come out of the just-like-everywhere-else Safeway in Leavenworth, Wash., and be confronted with that main street fake Bavariana.

  2. Chas - Huh? The Leavenworth Safeway is totally Bavarianed up! Or at least it is now, maybe they remodeled.

    What's weird is having canned food on a tree stump for breakfast and bratwurst served by a girl in a dirndl for lunch.

  3. I was thinking of the store's interior, but maybe my memories are out of date. The last time I was crossing Washington, I took a different route.