Saturday, May 30, 2009

No such thing as out of town.

I'm camped in the mountains on the north side of Blewett Pass, in a tent overlooking the Wenatchee river from a meadow of lupine and widely spaced Douglas firs. I'm 150 miles from home and 40 miles from any town of more than 2000. I spent the morning photographing abandoned 1880s mining towns and the afternoon lounging by the riverbank. The air is clear here, the night truly dark, I've seen twice as many animals as people, and there's no sound but the rushing of the Wenatchee.

So naturally there's wifi.


  1. Did you bring your computer with you, or did you find a public one?

    Also, is one of the goals of this trip to have sex in the woods?

  2. GreenEarth - I'm on my iPod Touch, it's a wonder of compact and affordable technology. (I think someone in a nearby RV has a sattelite or Clearwire connection hooked up to an unsecured wireless router.)

    No, no sex is involved here, I'm afraid I'm just blogging this because I can.

  3. One of the last chances of not being hooked to the Internet missed. Well, maybe after World War 3.

  4. That's hilarious.

    Actually, I showed my husband this (he does wifi for rural areas) and he wanted to know if he could forward this to the guys he works with; he seems to think they'd get a kick out of it.

  5. Well, if outdoor sex is not an option, how about outdoor nudity? :)