Monday, May 25, 2009


I was fucking Benny. Saran Wrap: a success! More constricting than hoped, less icky than feared. The only real drawback is that the sight of a man encased in it is less "sexy tableau" and more "last known photograph." And when you've used part of it, the half-used-up tube makes an excellent instrument for thumping.

I broke a ruler on his ass, too. He told me I could go harder and it cracked right in half.

After we'd both come a few times, he worked four fingers into me and just wiggled them and that was almost too much to bear and then he started pumping them full-force into me and I arched back and screamed and came and...

...woke up.

"You okay there?" Benny asked. "You kinda passed out."

I felt fine; I wasn't lightheaded or anything, and I could feel a powerful must-cuddle-now warmth of afterglow. I'd just gone completely out for a second. I lay down for a bit, napped for maybe half an hour, and I was totally back to normal.




  2. Same thought.

  3. Bruno - Yep.

    Eriko - Not exactly. I'm pretty darn sure I didn't have a seizure. But that is a fascinatingly wacky article.

  4. I've had that sort of thing happen to me before due to low oxygen levels.