Monday, May 11, 2009

Penetration domination.

So recently I've been playing some in the Mean Scary Dominatrix role (well, I'm not very mean or scary; maybe the Bossy Slightly-Unnerving Dominatrix), which very often includes buttfucking boys and making them suck my cock. If I think about it, though, the symbolism bothers me. It doesn't seem quite right that taking on the normal sexuality of a gay man or straight female is humiliating. I don't like the idea that to be dominant I need to play a physically male role.

...But I sure do like the way it feels.

...I mean, when they moan...

Symbolic implications of gender roles are important and all, but shit, you can't feel them all the way down in your bones like that.


  1. So, in the Way-Too-Much-Information dept:

    I'm a guy who really enjoys getting buttfucked by a cute girl. It's not really at all a domination thing for me (I guess I do like a little sm play now and then, but I'm in no way into it the way you are); and I'm not really what you'd call bisexual (as in I can appreciate a good-looking guy, and I have been known to get crushes; but what I really like is girls and their parts. And their strap-ons). It's the sensation I like, the sensation and the sexiness of the situation. Sucking her dildo? Silly, maybe; but mmm sexy. Taking it up the ass? Humiliating? Not at all; Hot and Yummy!

    I guess it's not NOT about gender roles; I've always been attracted to contradiction and the yin and yang in all things; but I don't think that's the root of what it's about for me. For me anyway, it's more simply about what is SEXY and what is FUN.

    I don't know if this is in any way relevant to you and your strap-on adventures, but that's my .0002 (pesos? baht? new yen?) for what its worth.

  2. Lawrence - Well, that's just straight up hot and untroubling. However, not everyone is so unconflicted about it; some guys do see it as a humiliation and that's where it gets all weird.

  3. I think you're over-thinking. The anus and perineum is highly enervated. Why shouldn't it be pleasureable? And if you've got a strap on, well, what else you gonna use?

    And if folks do see it has humiliating, well, that says more about them and what they supposed/not supposed to like. If you don't do it with the intent to humiliate, any humiliation is brought to the table by them. Which is their problem. So you should probably avoid them, and meet up with Larry and me. Yeah. Sure.

    I'm a straight guy who is a switch, and yeah, I like to get buttfucked by a cute girl, and I like buttfucking a cute girl, and all of that. Humiliating? No, hot and wonderful.

    Now, this might make me Too Kinky to Torture like on the TV tropes and idioms page, but I don't bloody well care.

    Yeah, like I'm gonna sign this one.