Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flawed men.

I know I've posted more than my share about how beauty standards for women are stupid and unfair, and they are, but as a conventionally unbeautiful woman it's kind of self-serving for me to attack those standards. It would suit me just fine if every Bond girl and billboard model and porn actress was a fat redhead in steel-toe boots.

But I feel the same way about men. I don't think all men are beautiful, but there's a lot of supposed "flaws" I can only find endearing. The biggest being a soft tummy. I've been with a man with a rock-hard six-pack, and... bleh, it was hard! That doesn't make a good pillow at all! And I honestly think that a soft and pudgy tummy is cute as hell.

I'm pretty forgiving of body hair in both directions, too. Some guys grow a fur pelt and some guys are near-hairless, and I can't say that either's a turn-off.

Muscles, other than the six-pack, are nice if they're there, but skinny arms aren't some sort of disqualifier. A guy with a cute face and skinny arms is just fine.

And if I really, really, really like a guy's personality, everything goes by the wayside. If I think Ryan is a funny and charming and sweet guy, I'll probably start to see Ryan's man-boobs or weird scar as "just the way Ryan looks," rather than as a flaw off the Ideal Man. I'm not trying to be PC, my attraction isn't under my conscious control, but when I really like a guy I don't just forgive his appearance, I really start to like it.

(Mission Get A Really Awkward Post Off The Top Of The Blog has succeeded, sir.)


  1. I couldn't agree more. I've dated so many guys who are always whining about how they need to get to the gym and all that stuff. Meanwhile I sincerely think that guys who look like Seth Rogen are damn fine. Especially if he's sweet and got a nice sense of humor, I'll ignore the next Daniel Craig that's walking down the street.

  2. I like my guys skinny, pretty and long-haired, preferably with that sort of Tim Burton coloring and tattoos and piercings. If that can't be achieved, then pudgy, cuddly and cute will do.

    Brad Pitt leaves me cold.

    And personality trumps all, of course. I expect I'd be interested in David Hasselhoff if someone gave him a guitar, a tragic past and a tendency to geek out over comic books.