Sunday, November 28, 2010

The (completely imaginary) romance of silence.

I looked at Rowdy longingly. I could feel the lust behind my eyes, and the entirety of my body was subtly tightened, my breath catching just a little in my throat, my mind swimming with desire to feel him inside me.

He had no idea about any of this, because he's not psychic and I was pretty much just sitting there.

"I want to fuck you," I said out loud, and we fucked like there weren't no tomorrow.


  1. Strangely enough, the telepathy method of getting people to sleep with you very rarely works.

    I'm kind of ashamed it took me most of high school to figure this fact out and replace the telepathy method with the "just fucking ask" method.

  2. Enjoy it now! Cause wait until you pass forty. You'll go entire days without even thinking about fucking. hahahahahahahah!!!!!!

  3. ! *hides Cosmoplitan's pure innocent eyes from you*

  4. "Awesome" and "succinct" are two words I'm gonna use to describe this blog entry.

  5. Not bloody likely, Comrade PhysioProf. (I worked in an assisted living facility once. In nursing homes people really are too sick, but in assisted living, believe me, there are shenanigans.)

  6. Laughed out loud. Brilliant!

    Been having far too many longwinded conversations about the supposed 'sexiness of silence' and folks failing to comprehend consent, communication etc. etc. This is just how it ought to be.