Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Spanksgiving!

I'm going to a kinky Thanksgiving this year. It's Rowdy, Sprite, and a few of our kinky friends. The idea makes me more genuinely thankful than I've been in a few years--this holiday will be a true celebration, not an obligation. Even the shopping trip, the stupid last-minute "oh god it's 9 PM on Wednesday and we don't have enough potatoes" shopping trip, was fun and happy and sexy.

I'm thankful for good people. They make all the difference in the world.

Hope your Thanksgiving is safe, happy, harmonious, and doesn't involve anything with the word "lite" on the label.

P.S.: Naamah is here also! Naamah is one of our Thanksgiving buddies and she wanted to be on the blog so hi Naamah! You are a very fun awesome person to have at Pervsgiving!


  1. KINKSgiving!
    Spanksgiving makes me think of the underwear designed to hold in the wearers stomach/ass/whatever. Plus "Kinks" includes everything! 'Spanks' is so limited ;b

  2. It doesn't sound as good though. I think we will have to agree to disagree.

    Or we'll all bring our hairless cats and call it Manxgiving.

    Or we'll put on camo and helmets for Tanksgiving.

    Or I'll bring all the Monopoly money and have Banksgiving.

    oh god i need to stop this and sleep now

  3. It's far too judgmental and patriarchal and slut-shaming, but...


  4. I personally celebrate Wanksgiving. Because it's what the Pilgrims would have wanted.

  5. Manx cats are tail-less, not hairless. Just sayin'.

    Anyway, happy Whatever Day! :)

  6. Happy Wanksgiving!

    (I like that one most.)

  7. Skanksgiving & Wanksgiving made me smile, but the Monopoly Money BANKSGIVING made me jump for joy!!

    Thanks blogosphere - you made my day

  8. Lol @ Perversecowgirl, was totally going to mention that. Sphinxgiving - Sphinxes are hairless cats. Well, while we're on the topic of naked pussy, eh?

    Happy Spanks/Skanks/Wanksgiving from the Middle East, err'body!

  9. Wank\Spank\Thanksgiving, with or without sphinx, be Svutlana favorite non-demoninational holiday.


  11. My four girls (39, 27, 14 and 8) have had Thanksgiving with my mom, my brother, my wife's mom, and her aunt & uncle (we host) the last few years. The day after we celebrate Fishgiving; we fry up a mess of yellowtail and eat it with the leftover mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, etc. Then we sit around and watch bad tv until the younger two go to bed. Then the older two and I enjoy a few cocktails and whatever slightly-more-adult-oriented movies, etc., we can find on the tv, before hieing off to bed and thence to sleep the sleep of the well-contented for a night starting the 'regular' weekend.

    Happy Sp/Th/anksgiving, Holly.