Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to make Holly's head explode.

"If you make any noise, I'll stop."


  1. Ooh, I've played that game! It's fun as long as they're forgiving of little muffled squeaks and the like.

  2. Some people find that holding in their sex noises 9or being instructed to hold them in) intensifies their sensations. For me it's the opposite.

    But I'd love to do this to someone else. :D

  3. That is so, so, SO cruel.

    I love it. Makes me go BAM!

  4. I love that game! It's fun!

  5. My boyfriend read this post over my shoulder. He said, "Hm," thoughtfully. I said in some alarm, "I am not good at this." He took one look at my face and laughed. Reassuringly, he added, "Well, I like it when you make noise."

    This is a relief. Because really, I am not good at this.

    I hope your head didn't explode too much.