Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maker Love.

"I reject your cuddles and substitute my own!"

It's one thing to merely quote Adam Savage, or even the parallel universe Adam Savage who only talks about cuddles. ("Today, on Cuddlebusters--is it possible to cuddle with a cuddler while cuddling? And later: Grant, Tori, and Kari cuddle for science!") It's another, far awesomer thing to do so after playing with sex toys you built yourself.

Wearing a strap-on harness makes me feel all cool and powerful anyway, but wearing a strap-on harness that I built, and therefore is perfectly fitted to my body and adjustable in exactly the ways I want, makes me feel like a goddamn stud.


  1. This should clearly be tagged "holly pervocracy is fucking awesome."

  2. So will be seeing photos of this studly harness? I am very curious as to how you made it!